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Milanote - Organise Your Creative Projects tools Aug 24, 2020

We are obsessed with showing you amazing tools that will help you run an streamlined VA business!

We're featuring a new tool that we recently discovered. And so far, we're loving it!

We're talking about Milanote.

It's a tool for organising creative projects into beautiful visual boards.


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Should You Start A VA Business In The Middle Of A Pandemic getting started mindset Aug 17, 2020

After we are hit by a global pandemic, many of us started to work from home.

In this video, we discuss the concerns of aspiring virtual assistants wondering whether this is a good time to start a VA business. 

Click play to watch. Enjoy!


~ Jo + Sam




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How To Build A Kick-Ass Virtual Assistant Website getting started tools Jun 18, 2020

Our friends over at Rocketspark have a brilliant e-book that takes you through how to build a kick-ass website click by click.

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Okay, the bad news...

Succeeding online is perplexing and time-consuming. Running a successful startup can be overwhelming...

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What HR Services Could Be Offered As A Virtual Assistant? finding clients services Jun 08, 2020

With the services that can be offered as a virtual assistant being vast and unlimited, we talk in this video about what services someone with a background in HR could offer as a virtual assistant plus some finding clients tips.



Click play to watch the video. Enjoy!


~ Sam +...

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The Reason Why You Haven't Found Your First Client Yet finding clients getting started Jun 07, 2020

You may have everything all set up for your new virtual assistant business, but then nothing. You don't get any leads or enquiries. And you have no clients.

We see it all the time and in this video we going to get real with you. It may be hard to hear but if you're struggling to find clients you...

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Documenting The Systems And Processes In Your Virtual Assistant Business advice tools Jun 03, 2020

Documenting your systems and processes for your virtual assistant business and for the work you do for your clients is a key component of your operations. 

In this video, Jo will discuss the way she documents systems and processes in her virtual assistant agency. 

Tools Mentioned...

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How To Get Hired By A Virtual Assistant Agency finding clients May 25, 2020

When you are first starting out on your VA journey you may like to gain experience by getting hired by a virtual assistant agency.

In this video, Jo and Sam talk about the do's and don'ts...



Click play to watch the video. Enjoy!


~ Sam + Jo xoxo




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Jo's Virtual Assistant Agency Journey advice getting started May 21, 2020

As a VA agency owner, Jo has been through it all!

In this video, she shares her story about how she became a successful virtual assistant agency owner.

I'm sure it'll inspire you to continue your VA journey and build a life that you love.


~ Sam + Jo xoxo


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How Much Should You Pay Your VA Contractors? money pricing May 17, 2020

As you get booked out in your VA business you may want to bring on contractors to work for you and deliver services to your clients.

In this video, Jo takes you through what you'll need to think about in terms of their pay.


~ Sam + Jo xoxo




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Becoming A Virtual Assistant In The Middle Of A Pandemic getting started mindset May 12, 2020

You may be wondering whether becoming a virtual assistant right now in the middle of a pandemic is really such a good idea.

In this video, Sam and Jo talk about this very topic.


Click play to watch the video. Enjoy!


~ Sam + Jo xoxo




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