The most underestimated strategy for success

advice Nov 08, 2021

You're living the dream ... right?

👍 You work from home and around your family and lifestyle.

👍 You choose your hours, your services and your clients.

👍 You've found a business that gives you the ultimate in freedom and flexibility.

👍 You've got the skills, you know how to find (and keep!) clients and you're bringing in some cold hard $$.

👍 You're your own boss. You run the f#### show!


So why aren't you achieving the growth and successes you thought you would have by now? 🤷‍♀️

Being your own boss and running your own business can be the most liberating thing you'll ever do.

On a good day you're making all of the decisions and you're taking all of the action and you're reaping all of the rewards.

But on a not so good day (or week/month/year), because you're doing this solo, when those decisions and actions result in failures, misfires or inaction ... they're yours alone to shoulder.

Boy does that feel super shitty. It's downright disheartening 🥺.

Once lost, it can be difficult to find the confidence, focus and motivation required to move forward to achieve our goals.

It's usually at this point when you give up.

 Without accountability many of us fail.

 WITH accountability we can thrive!

Accountability means being committed to your business goals and doing what's required (taking action) to meet milestones and deadlines on your success path to reaching said goals.

For many the best type of accountability involves someone in your circle that's there to support you, check in with you, to be cheerleader when you need a boost and a drill sergeant when you need a kick up the you-know-what.


Depending on the way you work and your personality style, accountability for you might look like this:

👍 Set goals and intentions with yourself and diligently check and monitor your own progress.

👍 Pair up with accountability buddy who you Zoom with each week or month, checking in with each other about your progress towards your goals.

👍 Join a paid membership or group coaching programme where you set intentions and report back on them.

👍 A one-on-one paid relationship with a business coach or mentor.

Or ... it might look like something else entirely!


There's no right or wrong here. Do some research, experiment and find a system that works for you.

If you don't have one already, it's time for you to find an accountability coach (that would be yours truly over in the Members Club!!) or accountability buddy or group of buddies.

Make sure it's someone you trust and respect and who is going to show up consistently to help you stay accountable, confident and focused on achieving your VA business dreams.


Sam + Jo xoxo





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