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Courses, tools & resources to help you launch your own work-from-anywhere-you-damn-like VA business.


The ultimate pricing calculator

Sick of trying to figure out what to charge clients?

You could keep stressing about whether you’re over or under charging… or you could use the ultimate pricing calculator to set your rates with confidence & unlock your true earning potential!

This handy little tool is specifically designed for NZ and Australian freelance virtual assistants.

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The mini-course to set up your VA biz and land your first client

Love the idea of working for yourself as a VA, but have no idea where to start? Start here!

This short, self-paced mini-course is the perfect introduction to life as a VA business owner.

Through our proven 7 Step Start-Up Formula, we’ll teach you the basics of launching your business, choosing your services, and earning

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Launch your dream VA business in 30 days

Meet the step-by-step course that’ll see you launch your dream VA business and land your first-ever *well-paying* client in just 30 days!

Through a mix of video content, live group coaching and a members-only online community, we’ll give you the EXACT steps you need to build a thriving VA business, so you can:

  • Be your own boss.
  • Replace your 9-5 income.
  • Get the freedom and flexibility you’ve been searching for.

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The essential website template for VAs

Do you really need a website? If you’re looking to build credibility and attract right-fit clients, then yes.

But you don’t need a professional designer. You just need this template.

It’ll help you build your very own website in just one day, using our fully-customisable website template designed especially for virtual assistants. Beauty & simplicity at its best.

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