Virtual Assistant Woo Woo Box

Enhance your daily rituals with our limited edition Woo Woo Boxes, carefully curated to inspire, empower and encourage self-belief.


Let’s be clear …

This isn't just random pretty things thrown into a box … it's a collection of our favourite woo-woo practices. Your inside scoop to how we bring certainty, clarity and action into our businesses.

This is your daily reminder to NOURISH your mind, body and spirit. It's time to pause, breathe and put yourself first.


Sam shuffling woo woo cards and Jo looking excited
Essential oil roller blend

Virtual assistants who embrace the woo woo, WE SEE YOU!

Whether this is a thoughtful gift for a biz bestie … or a much-deserved treat for yourself, it’s high time to make self-care a priority.

Don’t delay … there's only a limited number of boxes available, and once they're gone - they're gone for good! So if you don’t act now … you miss out.


Your carefully curated Woo Woo Box will inspire, empower and encourage self-belief.

Where magic meets business

Let's take a look inside ...

Happy Thoughts Affirmation Cards

Happy Thoughts Affirmation Cards

Connect to your spirituality and transform your mindset. The perfect addition to your morning routine! 🧘

These 42 cards will get you thinking and help change your perspective.

Each card has its own personality and purpose. They are reminders to help you practice being present in all the little moments of your life.

Pick a card daily and allow that card to be the mantra of your day.

Essential Oil Roller Blend

Essential Oil Roller Blend

Walk through your day with an air of confidence and strength with this lovingly hand-made blend.

This beautiful floral essential oil therapy inspires confidence and self-belief and is ideal for those VAs who struggle to find their voice and be heard.

Made in New Zealand using Cedarwood, Lavender, Litsea, Bergamot & Ylang Ylang and coconut oil.

Apply regularly to pulse points to receive the full benefit of this roller blend.

Energy Cleansing

Energy Cleansing Palo Santo Stick

Burning Palo Santo is believed to have strong medical & emotional healing properties.

Included with your stick is an energy release blessing to shift stuck energies, release emotional burdens and leftover energies from 2023. 

Ethically sourced with love from Peru from fallen trees.

Reiki-infused Smudging Plate

Reiki-infused Smudging Plate

Each plate is handcrafted and unique to you.

Perfect for resting your palo santo stick on.

These reiki-infused beauties are embossed with an infinity of love, compassion, nurturing and happiness.

Personalised Numerology Chart

Personalised Numerology Chart

Use this as a guide to work with the natural ebb and flow of your monthly and yearly vibrational energy.

The purpose of obtaining this wisdom via your birthdate is to access your natural flow, find balance, and invite the genius in you to come to life.

Beautiful Palm-sized Crystal

Beautiful Palm-sized Crystal

Your woo-woo box will include one of the following crystals to boost your self-belief, bring inner strength and build back your sense of self.

Sunstone palm stone or strawberry quartz sphere.

Habit Tracker

A5 Lined Journal and Pen

Journaling is an important self-care practice that allows you to process your emotions in a safe space and offers an array of benefits — from easing stress to sparking self-discovery.

This journal and pen are your ideal companions to ignite your creativity and shine a spotlight on the invaluable things in your life that you may not always recognise.

Limited Edition Virtual Assistant Woo Woo Box

Order yours today and get FREE shipping to any New Zealand address. 


$222 NZD*

(New Zealand residents only)

  • Essential oil roller blend curated by us for confidence and motivation.
  • Gorgeous affirmation cards to connect to your spirituality and transform your mindset.
  • Personalised numerology chart to work with the natural ebb and flow of your monthly and yearly vibrational energy.
  • Energy cleansing Palo Santo stick and reiki-infused smudging plate with an energy release blessing.
  • Beautiful palm-sized crystal to boost your self-belief.
  • A5 lined notebook and pen for your journaling practices.

*Free shipping anywhere in NZ


Is this a legitimate business expense? It sure is!

I purchased the woo woo box because I'm a believer of all things woo woo and what you put out in the world comes back to you. I knew that it would be amazingly good value as everything Sam and Jo do is epic!!

I was really interested in the numerology chart. To read what it said and see what was in store.

Opening the Box was so exciting. My daughters and I opened it together and they loved it as much as I did. It was beautifully put together and like a little pass the parcel finding all the goodies inside.

~ Michelle Worwood

 Michelle Worwood
Tuesday Semmens

I couldn’t get in quick enough!

I especially love reading about my number for 2024. If I had to choose my favourite thing, it would be the overall theme and the way my woo-woo box makes me feel.

Each little item inside the Woo Woo Box brings joy and contributes to creating a clear space, a calm and grounded mind, and inspiration to self-align.

I had no hesitations at all about ordering, in fact I’d quite like another one!

~ Tuesday Semmens

Are you ready to infuse a little magic into your business?

Look no further than the virtual assistant Woo Woo Box