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Luxurious Bali Retreat for Virtual Assistants

Fill your cup on a 5 night soul-nourishing experience

Jo and Sam sitting with drinks

Ignite your passion

Be part of an intimate group of ambitious virtual assistant business owners joining experienced VA coaches Sam + Jo for an unforgettable luxury retreat in beautiful Bali.

This exclusive 5 night experience perfectly balances distraction-free self development with soul nourishing activities allowing you to shift focus, connect and recharge.


Embark on a soul-nourishing journey of transformation in the tranquil heart of Bali

Amidst an atmosphere free of distractions, we'll deep dive into the core of your business to pinpoint the most significant gaps that are holding you back and the prime opportunities that await.

In this serene setting, we'll work together to empower you to redefine financial success and pave your unique path towards it.

It's time to fill your cup and connect with like-minded women within the peace and clarity of our enchanting Bali Retreat.

Dive into that long-neglected project you've pushed to the periphery and witness its transformative potential for your business

Take part in our elevate and energise co-working sessions all about action and progress.

With our guided support and the collective energy of like-minded VA business owners, transform your procrastination into productivity, filling gaps and seizing opportunities that have been waiting to be unlocked.

This is the moment your project moves from the to-do list to the done list, and you emerge as a more empowered business owner.

Balinese Villa

5 Nights in Bali

Wednesday 24th to Monday 29th July 2024

VISION VILLA, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

Spa essentials

Retreat Experiences

We've thoughtfully curated a range of experiences and activities offered during your stay.

Every aspect of the retreat is designed to inspire personal growth, re-ignite your passion for business, and kindle connections with fellow VA business owners.


Poolside Chats with Sam + Jo

Get ready for a breakthrough as we deep dive into your business with private Sam + Jo time. 

We'll pinpoint the most significant gap and prime opportunity in your business, empowering you to redefine financial success.

Session Room

Elevate & Energise Co-Working Sessions

Be prepared to dive into that long-neglected project you've pushed to the periphery and witness its transformative potential for your business.

These sessions are about action and progress.

Rooftop Yoga

Daily Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Held each morning in the warm Bali air on the Villa rooftop, an expert yoga instructor will take you through a gentle yoga session. 

Calm the nervous system and stretch the body.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing Session

A private group session to balance and heal your mind, body and spirit with an expert.

Sound Healing promotes deep rest, nervous system rebalancing and emotional release.


Breathwork Session

Learn how to align your body, mind and spirit through the transformative power of breath.

Breathwork is a gateway into the subconscious mind and allows for emotions to surface and be released.

Numerology Chart

Unique Numerology Chart Workshop

Numerologist Sandy Atkins will be joining us in Bali to deliver a Numerology workshop.

You'll discover your unique numbers and create your own chart that you can bring home with you.


Traditional Balinese Cooking Class

Influenced by Indian, Portuguese, and Chinese flavors, learn how to cook a delicious traditional Balinese meal.

This is a hands-on session in a fun and relaxed environment right inside the Villa.

Spa treatment

Spa Treatments

Pamper yourself with a variety of luxurious spa treatments including massage, manicure and pedicure.

Included in your retreat package are two treatments of your choice at the Villa Spa during your stay.

Traditional Bali Dress

Experience Bali

Immerse yourself in Bali's rich culture and beauty with a variety of activities included in your Retreat Package.

Activities include fire dancing, temple visit, palm reading, beach walk, sunset cocktails and markets.

*Please note that all activities offered during our retreat are completely optional. We believe in providing a flexible experience, allowing you to tailor your retreat to best meet your needs at any given moment. Whether you want to participate in every activity or take time for quiet reflection, this retreat is your sanctuary. Make the most of it in the way that serves you best.

Stunning wall

Discover your potential in paradise


Retreat Schedule

The Retreat Villa

Imagine a week steeped in tranquility and luxury, each detail meticulously planned, and every decision and meal made for you.

Vision Villa is more than just a venue - it's a sanctuary nestled in nature, designed to rejuvenate, inspire, and nourish your soul.

A two-hour drive from the airport, the villa offers everything you need to break away from the mental load and renew your spirit.

Bowl of fresh smoothies

Culinary exploration is a cornerstone of any immersive retreat, and ours is no exception.

At the Villa onsite restaurant, a wide selection of dishes will be served, offering you an enchanting journey through the vibrant tapestry of Balinese cuisine.

All meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — are included as part of your package, ensuring well-rounded and delicious options can keep you satisfied throughout the day.

Any allergies or intolerances will be catered for.

5 Nights in Bali

Wednesday 24th to Monday 29th July 2024

VISION VILLA, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

Dried Tropical Mango Tea with Tea Cups


$2997 NZD

Private Suite

  • 5 Nights Accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Soul-Nourishing Daily Activities
  • Elevate and Energise Sessions
  • Private Poolside Chats with Sam + Jo
  • Airport Transfers

Flights, visa, travel insurance and beverages are not included


There are ONLY 11 2 SPOTS available on this exclusive retreat, so now is the time to claim your spot.


ARRIVAL: Wednesday 24 July 2024 

DEPARTURE: Monday 29 July 2024 


  • You are responsible for arranging your own flights, visa and travel insurance.
  • Flights, visa, travel insurance and beverages are not included in the Retreat Package.


  • Deposit of $600 NZD required to secure your spot
  • 2nd payment of $1200 NZD is due by 1 March 2024
  • Final payment of $1197 NZD is due by 1 May 2024
  • Feel free to pay in monthly installments as long as the full amount is paid by 1 May.

Next Steps

Upon booking via the button below, you'll receive a deposit invoice of $600 NZD due immediately along with a contract to sign.

If you have any questions feel free to DM us.