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TheĀ Essential Website TemplateĀ for Virtual Assistants



TheĀ Essential Website TemplateĀ for Virtual Assistants


Jo and Sam

Boost your credibility and stand out from the crowd

Do you want a website but don't have the budget to hire a professional designer?

Are you feeling daunted by your lack of knowledge to DIY your own website?

Hold onto your hats, 'cos we've got some fantastic news for you!

You can now build your website in just one day with a stunning fully-customisable website template designed specifically for virtual assistants!

For just $199 NZD, you can finally put an end to all your website woes and start showing your credibility as a business owner.

"The virtual assistantĀ website template is excellent and so easy to use."

~ Tracy Davis, Optimize VA

Tracy Davis

An essential paint-by-numbers tool for all virtual assistants!

Stop worrying about:

šŸ˜­ How to create a website

šŸ˜­ What you should put on your website

šŸ˜­Ā Whether you should put your rates on your website

šŸ˜­ If you can even afford to get a website built

And create a stunning website packed full of your own personality.

Designed specifically for virtual assistants, this template is:

šŸ’„ Fully-customisable

šŸ’„ Easy to use

šŸ’„ Looks great on all-sized devices

šŸ’„Ā Converts visitors to leads!

Samantha Browne

"This template makes creating your website simple and straightforward. It's so easy having everything laid out for you."

~ Gaby Phan, Solare Studio Days

Gaby Phan

What's included in 'The Essential Website Template'?


  • Fully customizable, 4-page website template that is mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and hosted on the Rocketspark platform.
  • Comprehensive step-by-step video tutorials covering everything you need to know to update the template and get your website live!
  • Copy planning workbook to help you prepare just the right amount of text and make filling out your website a breeze.
  • Preparation checklist so you know exactly what you need before you get started.
  • Go-live checklist so you don't miss any essential steps for going live with a fully functioning website.
  • Discount code to get your first month of Rocketspark hosting for just $1

*See the FAQ section below for the ongoing costs of website hosting.

BUY NOW $199

"A fabulous paint-by-numbers website template, that doesn't lose your own brand personality. I certainly wouldn't have been able to design my website without it."

~ Suzanne Teague,Ā Office Outworkz

Suzanne Teague
Sam and Jo

Why Rocketspark?

Rocketspark has been the preferred website platform for virtual assistants since ages ago!

What's not to love?!

Not only do Rocketspark make it easy to edit your own site on their platform, but their customer support is second to none. Their NZ-based team are just a phone call away if you ever get stuck or need help.

Rocketspark websites are automatically optimised for all screen sizes, including mobile so you can rest assured your site will always look great no matter what type of device your visitors areĀ scrollingĀ on.

And to ensure your site keeps looking modern over time you'll get access to all the new features releases at no extra cost!

BUY NOW $199

Take a sneak peek inside the template


"Fantastic! If it wasn't for the template I probably wouldn't have a website."

~Ā Jenny Anderson, Pink Diamond VA

Jenny Anderson

Stand out from the crowd with a standout online presence

The Essential Website TemplateĀ is specifically designed for virtual assistants, so you can be confident that the template and tutorial will cater to your unique needs.

Plus, the fully customisable template allows you to create a website that truly reflects your brand and services.

Add credibility to your virtual assistant business, pre-qualify leads and ensure you're making the best first impression online!

Grab The Essential Website Template & Tutorials today!

BUY NOW $199
Jo Jensen


"This website template is a real game-changer for virtual assistants! the perfect way to showcase your business online. Such a valuable tool."

~ Amber Berends,Ā Delegate Virtual Assistant

Amber Berends

Ready to skip the overwhelm of designing your website from scratch and start converting your online visitors into leads?