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Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and get laser-focused?


Rip up that long to-do list that's causing your overwhelm and find out what you actually need to level up your business. 

Success takes imperfect action and laser focus.

We're here to show you our proven method to scale a thriving virtual assistant business.

With expert coaching, a library of templates, videos, checklists, and worksheets - we share everything we've used to build our own successful VA businesses.

Get our support and that of a tight-knit group of global VAs so you’ll never feel like you’re doing this alone.

You've got what it takes, you just need a little direction.


Sam Browne smiling in front of orange wall
Jo Jensen smiling in front of pink wall

Do any of these sound familiar?

✔️ You're at capacity but want to make more money

✔️ You're looking to grow your team but don't know where to start

✔️ You've got a team but it's causing more headaches than it's worth


It doesn't have to be that way!


Always know what to focus on next with the tools and resources you need


Be surrounded by other ambitious virtual assistants cheering you on


Reap the rewards you deserve for the time and energy you put in

I'll show you how to position yourself as a premium freelancer attracting premium clients.

~ Sam

Sam and Jo from The VA Foundry drinking coffee at cafe

I'll show you how to create a 7 figure virtual assistant agency that runs without you.

~ Jo


Get ready to...


🤍 Level up your business!

🤍 Make more money!

🤍 Grow your team!

Sam and Jo, virtual assistant coaches, sitting on park bench laughing

Everything you need to level up your VA business

Supportive group coaching

Group Coaching

There's no one size fits all approach in business. With live group coaching sessions and monthly themes we're here alongside you every step of the way.

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Arrow on target for weekly accountability

Weekly Accountability

We'll help you stay on track towards your goals with weekly intention setting and accountability check-ins in the private Members-Only Facebook Group.

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Clipboard showing to-do list

Actionable Resources

The comprehensive Mastermind Vault has all the templates, checklists, how-to guides and videos you need to scale and level up your virtual assistant business.

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It makes sense to learn from those in the business who are already successful and living their best lives.

We'll teach you everything you need to know to create the life and business of your dreams:

✔️ How to make more money without working more hours

✔️ How to grow your team and avoid the headaches

✔️ How to position yourself as a premium virtual assistant attracting premium clients paying premium rates

✔️ How to become the go-to expert virtual assistant in a speciality/niche service and/or industry

✔️ How to create a standout online presence that attracts your ideal clients

✔️ How to knock the socks off new leads during sales calls

✔️ How to gain the confidence you need to level up your business

✔️ How to build a VA agency business model that can bring in 7 figures!

Plus so much more!

Don't just take our word for it...

Izabela Szmigielska

Chester Canaoay


Before joining the Members Club, I was new to the VA world, lost, unfocused and didn't know where to start. 

With the guidance of Sam& Jo, I've gained clarity, focus, courage and my very first client!

The best thing about the Members Club has to be the very detailed resources inside The Vault, the coaching sessions and the supportive community.

Classy Green

Petro Geldenhuys

New Zealand

My business has grown so much that I am now at full capacity and in a position where I can refer potential clients to other Virtual Assistants.

Joining the Members Club will be one of the best decisions you make in investing in your personal development as a VA.

Sam & Jo's passion for helping other VAs becoming successful is evident in the amount of information and work they have put into the Members Club.


Monique Venn

Tracey Lock

New Zealand

Thank you Sam + Jo! The Members Club content is amazing.

It's clear, it's constructive, it's actionable ... and it works!

Everything you amazing ladies teach us works (provided we get off our backside and 'get sh#t done').

Growing a business can be a lonely, and sometimes overwhelming place to be.

We absolutely get it and that’s why we created the Members Club Mastermind.

Learn from those who've been there, grown from their mistakes and continue to run thriving VA businesses.  

Join us along with a close-knit group of ambitious VAs from around the world who are looking for the ultimate in freedom, flexibility and control. 

~ Sam + Jo xoxo

Sam Browne and Jo Jensen, virtual assistant trainers

The most extensive mastermind for VAs around the globe!

Unlimited access to your VA coaches Sam + Jo.  We’re there alongside you, providing the guidance, advice and support you need to succeed.

Members-Only Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, request feedback and take part in weekly & monthly group coaching & challenges.

The Mastermind Vault filled with hundreds of templates, videos and downloads to scale your VA business.

Monthly Themes with guest experts sharing their secrets to success.

Monthly Book Club to develop and nurture your business owner mindset.

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Got a question?

Don't just take our word for it...

Izabela Szmigielska

Izabela Szmigielska


Before joining the Members Club, I was overwhelmed, not knowing where to start my VA business. How would I land my first client? I was stressed, and I wanted to quit before I gave it a chance.

The accountability and support have been the best. When I read that Sam and Jo will check-in and hold me accountable for the goals I set, I immediately signed up. If I get stuck along the way, I can count on their support and expertise to answer my questions.

Since joining, I've landed my first client, and my mindset began to shift from employee mindset to business owner mindset.

Many things make the Members Club exceptional - The straightforward steps I needed to take to start my VA business. Steps are outlined like an easy-to-follow manual, the accountability and support you get from all the club members, and of course the generosity of Sam and Jo to share their expertise, knowledge and experience in running a VA business.


Classy Green

Classy Green

United States

I felt overwhelmed and didn't know how to navigate the world of Virtual Assistants.

Then I attended the VA Summit and met Sam + Jo and felt an immediate kinship with them and decided to take a chance and join the Members Club.

I've now launched my business, gained several clients and also started a full-time job with a company who reached out to me after seeing my LinkedIn profile.

I don’t think my successes would be possible without being in the Members Club and completing the homework assignments which took me out of my comfort zone.

The best thing about being in the Members Club is the camaraderie with the other members and the one-on-one attention that Sam + Jo give to everyone.


Monique Venn

Monique Venn

New Zealand

Before joining the Members Club I was overwhelmed with no clear direction - I knew WHAT I wanted to do, but I had no idea HOW to do it. I was completely blown away not only how much information was available, but the clear, concise way it was all laid out. It is literally a step-by-step guide that details exactly what you need to do to set up your own VA business right from the start.

Anytime I feel overwhelmed, or have a question, I know I have this amazing resource available to me and I can always find what I'm looking for to help my in the next step. It's been an absolute life-changer for me!

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Hear what our Members say...


Ready to dive in?

The Members Club Mastermind coaching and training helps you get laser focused with our proven step by step methods to get more clients, make more money, and grow your team.

Katrina Flannery

Katrina Flannery


Since joining the Members Club I've developed more confidence and gained more clients!

Don't hesitate - this is a great investment both personally and professionally.

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins

New Zealand

Not only are Sam & Jo amazing at guiding us they are solid inspiration.

Because they’ve been there and done that. They’ve learned lessons and insights and have no issues with sharing their knowledge.

Also, you get your very own support crew when you sign up!

Claudia Hammerer

Claudia Hammerer


The Members Club gave me a huge boost to get my VA business started.

It taught me how to step out of employee mode and into business owner mode.

Hundreds of virtual assistants from around the world have benefited from the Members Club.  You can too!