Thought you'd ticked all the boxes? advice finding clients getting started Nov 02, 2021

"Offer services you both love and have the skills and experience to deliver" they told you!

"Be yourself, make meaningful connections" they repeated!

"Move away from casual hourly rates and offer service plans and packages instead" they cried!

"Niche and they will come" they proclaimed!


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Get Clients Without A Website, Social Following or Reviews finding clients getting started Aug 24, 2021

It's 100% possible to have a fully booked VA business ... without all the bells and whistles you think you need.

How do we know this?

We've done it ourselves - that's how!

Within a few short months of launching our businesses, we both had waiting lists of clients wanting to work with us ......

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Stop Spending Money You Don't Have! getting started May 11, 2021

We see this All. The. Time.

Men and women come into the VA industry with a long list of things they think they need in order to get their businesses off the ground.

Things that require money to purchase.

 The latest, top of the line laptop and mobile phone.

 Office equipment.

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Should You Go Into Business With Someone Else getting started Nov 23, 2020

Going into business with someone else can work well or it can go badly. There is a lot to consider and you shouldn't make the decision on a whim.

Jo started her VA business with a business partner back in 2012 and she learnt many lessons from the experience. 

In this video, we talk about...

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Should You Start A VA Business In The Middle Of A Pandemic getting started mindset Aug 17, 2020

After we are hit by a global pandemic, many of us started to work from home.

In this video, we discuss the concerns of aspiring virtual assistants wondering whether this is a good time to start a VA business. 

Click play to watch. Enjoy!


~ Jo + Sam




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How To Build A Kick-Ass Virtual Assistant Website getting started tools Jun 18, 2020

Our friends over at Rocketspark have a brilliant e-book that takes you through how to build a kick-ass website click by click.

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Okay, the bad news...

Succeeding online is perplexing and time-consuming. Running a successful startup can be overwhelming...

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The Reason Why You Haven't Found Your First Client Yet finding clients getting started Jun 07, 2020

You may have everything all set up for your new virtual assistant business, but then nothing. You don't get any leads or enquiries. And you have no clients.

We see it all the time and in this video we going to get real with you. It may be hard to hear but if you're struggling to find clients you...

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Jo's Virtual Assistant Agency Journey advice getting started May 21, 2020

As a VA agency owner, Jo has been through it all!

In this video, she shares her story about how she became a successful virtual assistant agency owner.

I'm sure it'll inspire you to continue your VA journey and build a life that you love.


~ Sam + Jo xoxo


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Becoming A Virtual Assistant In The Middle Of A Pandemic getting started mindset May 12, 2020

You may be wondering whether becoming a virtual assistant right now in the middle of a pandemic is really such a good idea.

In this video, Sam and Jo talk about this very topic.


Click play to watch the video. Enjoy!


~ Sam + Jo xoxo




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How To Find A Virtual Assistant Mentor advice getting started Apr 30, 2020

Having a mentor is a way to fast track your success in your virtual assistant business, however you'll need to be sure you choose wisely. Learning from someone who has already made the mistakes and figured it all out, means that you don't have to!

Make sure you do your research to ensure...

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