How We'd Start A VA Business From Scratch Today

#advice getting started May 08, 2023
Start A VA Business

Are you an aspiring virtual assistant feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and unsure about what to focus on first to launch your business and land your first client?

This blog post will break down exactly what we'd do if we were to start our VA business journey all over again, today.

Let it inspire you to kick-start your dream VA business so you too can have the ultimate in freedom and flexibility.

Select Specialty Services That Align With Our Skills

We'd choose one service that aligned with our previous experience and skills that we also loved doing. We'd specialise in the exact thing that we are really good at - for Jo it would be Course Creation in Kajabi, for Sam it would be Website Design in Rocketspark. 

By specialising not just in one service but also in a specific platform we know that everything would be easier than when we first started our businesses offering everything to everyone. What a nightmare keeping on top of all the different tools we were using and services we were offering.

The other benefit of offering very specialised services is you can charge premium rates and streamline the crap out of your service delivery. We're talking more profitability and a whole lot less work.

Create A Simple Brand

We'd keep our brand design simple when starting our VA business. It'd be a clean and minimalistic design to make our brand look professional and trustworthy. Our tips for creating a simple brand design include:

  1. Choose a limited color palette (2-3 colors) that reflects our brand personality.
  2. Use consistent fonts throughout our online presence.
  3. Incorporate simple yet impactful graphics to convey our message.
  4. Avoid clutter and focus on clean and simple social media profiles.

Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is such an underestimated social media platform for virtual assistants. We'd focus on building a strong LinkedIn presence to connect with potential clients and showcase our expertise.

This is how we'd optimise our LinkedIn profile and utilise it to find clients:

  1. Create a professional and eye-catching headline and summary.
  2. Highlight our skills and experience.
  3. Request recommendations from previous employers, colleagues and clients.
  4. Share valuable content and engage with ideal clients.

Implement a Lead Generation Strategy

To find clients for our VA business, we'd join specific Facebook groups where our ideal clients are hanging out. For Jo it would be inside the Kajabi user group and for Sam it would be women in business groups. Inside the groups we'd support, provide advice and tips and genuinely build relationships without any expectations or sales pitches.

Then we'd show up online consistently with video content showcasing our knowledge, expertise and clear messaging that showed we understood the exact problems that our ideal clients were facing.  No hiding behind our logo or business name. Our faces and names would be everywhere. 

Invest In The Templates And Experts

We know now that investing in templates, resources and experts would have completely fast-tracked our VA journeys. Oh hindsight is a lovely thing.

If someone has already done it (and has the results to prove it) then learn from them and get the templates. Otherwise you're just wasting time unnecessarily and holding yourself back from getting the results yourself. 

Starting a VA business from scratch can be challenging without the know-how. It took us years to figure out what we could now do in just a few days. You don't know what you don't know, right?!

With the right guidance and actionable resources, you can successfully launch your business and land your first client.

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