We've rebranded! Goodbye Savvy School, hello The VA Foundry!


How Much Is The Savvy School upskill Oct 15, 2020

Wondering about joining the Savvy School? Learn how to start or scale your virtual assistant business with the Members Club.


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One Key Skill That Led To My Success upskill Jun 03, 2018

There is one key skill that has led to my success. Do you possess the same skill? Watch to find out what it is.

Have you downloaded the FREE 7 Step Guide To Setting Up A Virtual Assistant Business? Click here to access.

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Top 7 Tips For Becoming A High Performing Virtual Assistant upskill Feb 11, 2018

There are two types of virtual assistants.

The first type simply completes tasks allocated by their client in a reactive way.

The other prefers to work proactively. They can put themselves in their client’s shoes, think ahead on their behalf and anticipate their needs. They are one...

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