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Top 7 Tips For Becoming A High Performing Virtual Assistant

upskill Feb 11, 2018
Top 7 Tips For Becoming A High Performing Virtual Assistant

There are two types of virtual assistants.

The first type simply completes tasks allocated by their client in a reactive way.

The other prefers to work proactively. They can put themselves in their client’s shoes, think ahead on their behalf and anticipate their needs. They are one step ahead of their client and take care of things before they arise.

We're sure it’s clear which type is more valuable and indispensable.

Here are our top 7 tips for becoming a high performing virtual assistant.

  1. Become an expert in a service offering. Know what services you want to offer, and can reasonably do – or look at having a team who can fill the gaps in your own strengths. Think about what you want to specialise in and aim towards upskilling in that area.
  2. Find and use productivity tools and apps that make you efficient, organised, effective and on top of everything always. Many of them are free so embrace technology so you don’t have to do things the long, manual or hard way!
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate! If a client sends a request through, let them know you have received their comms and you are actioning their request - and when you think you’ll have it back to them by. If a client calls, answer. If you can’t answer, call them back as soon as you can. If they email or text you, reply. Make sure you are communicating with your client via the method that suits them best. Check in, follow up on tasks your client needs to do, follow up on questions you need answered. Let them know how the budget is tracking.
  4. Be proactive. Ask yourself “how can I solve my client’s problem and make their day run more smoothly?”. Look ahead in their calendar and anticipate their needs. Think on their behalf – what would they need, do they need to prepare, or do they need to do something. Suggest tasks that you can do rather than waiting for tasks to come through from your client.
  5. Admit mistakes. If you mess up – and it happens - then admit that you’ve messed up and tell them what you will do to fix it, or, if appropriate, fix the mistake before you tell them (and don’t charge the client for it).
  6. Make suggestions. If you see something that could be done better or save your client time - use your initiative and suggest it. Clients are grateful when you save them time or money! They often are so busy doing that they don’t have time to stop and consider a better way.
  7. Don’t ever assume! Don’t assume the client’s level of knowledge, don’t assume the parameters of the task, don’t assume the budget or the amount of time that can be allowed to a task. Clarify!

This doesn’t just apply to virtual assistants. Any service-based business or service based role can benefit from following these tips.

Be amazing and love what you do!

~ Jo + Sam

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