Are Your Insecurities Holding You Back?

advice marketing mindset Sep 03, 2021
Are Your Insecurities Holding You Back

Yep we bet your insecurities about the way you look are definitely holding your business back!

If you're serious about growing your VA business, about really levelling it up, then it's imperative you stop hiding behind your biz name and logo.

The virtual assistants we see out there killing it, are the ones who are:

✔️ Getting lots of clients.
✔️ Nailing their social media.
✔️ Capturing leads from their website.

It's these virtual assistants who have embraced being the face of their business.


The way you look truly is the least important thing about your biz.

Now before you say "But guys, this is easy for you to say - your faces are everywhere!", let me share something with you.


We ALL have insecurities. Even us!

🙈 Jo's double-chin keeps her up at night (perhaps a slight exaggeration lol) and the moles on her neck have always made her self conscious.
🙈 For Sam, it's the 'baby' weight she never lost, the weird facial expressions she pull and the gap she used to have in between her top teeth.

Now we don't know about you, but in all the time Sam has known Jo she never once took any notice of her chin/s or moles.

And when Sam got her teeth fixed last year everyone was like "what gap?!" She was shocked! She had spent so long obsessing that she assumed it was the only thing people saw when they looked at her.

It's time to stop fearing the judgement of others.

Those things you deem to be imperfections, the things that are holding you back from being the face of your business, it turns out no-one else cares about them!

**As women we need to accept our so-called flaws. **

By accepting our imperfections we are embracing our differences, and THAT is what clients are looking for - our point of difference.

In this video we chat about:
1️⃣ Why being the face of your business is so important.
2️⃣ How to take some great DIY photos at home.
3️⃣ When you can get away with *not *being the face of your biz.

Sam & Jo xoxo



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