Shiny Object Syndrome Getting You Distracted?

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Shiny object syndrome isn't just for magpies!

Virtual assistants also like to chase new and interesting gurus, tools, platforms, software, workshops and courses in the hope they will work like a fairy godmother and magically grow their business.

We get it!

You've got to put your blinkers on and block it all out.

By always chasing the next shiny thing, all you're doing is distracting yourself from focusing on what your business REALLY needs.

Things that WON'T get you clients:

❌ A new logo and/or website.
❌ Facebook adverts.
❌ Endless scrolling on social media.
❌ Only sharing other people's knowledge online.
❌ Learning without action.

Things that WILL get you clients:

βœ… Building meaningful relationships both online and in person by either connecting or re-connecting without a sales pitch.
βœ… Providing value to your followers and those you are connecting with online by sharing your knowledge and expertise.
βœ… Being the face of your business.
βœ… Joining The VA Foundry Members Club! 😁

Stop getting distracted by all the shiny, fun things.

Yes, they're easy. Yes, they're fun! But they're also SAFE.

🀷‍♀️ Who doesn't love spending hours on Canva, Pinterest or whatever website platform you use?
🀷‍♀️ Who doesn't enjoy sitting down comfortably and learning from someone new?

Like it or not, these things aren't going to get you the clients you need.

It's time to focus on what's important RIGHT NOW.

Otherwise, your shiny new object syndrome will continue to cause overwhelm and uncertainty.

~ Sam + Jo xoxo





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