Thought you'd ticked all the boxes?

advice Nov 03, 2021
Ticked all the boxes

"Offer services you both love and have the skills and experience to deliver" they told you!

"Be yourself, make meaningful connections" they repeated!

"Move away from casual hourly rates and offer service plans and packages instead" they cried!

"Niche and they will come" they proclaimed!

"Becoming fully booked and in-demand will guarantee you'll have created the business of your dreams" ... or so you thought!


You thought you'd ticked all the boxes.


You assumed it was going to be easy from here on out.


But what you weren't prepared for was the:

🥺 Non billable 'on your biz' work.

🥺 Tyre kicking leads and those that 👻 you.

🥺 Scope creep.

🥺 Unpaid invoices.

🥺 Content delays.

🥺 Subbies that steal your clients.

🥺 Irregular workload and income.

🥺 Isolation.

🥺 Lack of paid time off.

🥺 Client juggle.

🥺 Imposter syndrome and self sabotage.

🥺 Pressure of being EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in your business.

🥺 Burnout.


If you thought this was going to be easy ... you were wrong.

The steps involved in starting and scaling your VA business are SIMPLE, but doing what it takes to maintain a thriving VA business whilst maintaining the freedom and flexibility you're striving for isn't EASY.

However ...

🦄 Done right and the pros outweigh the cons.

🦄 Done right and you will have created a VA business that gives you the freedom and flexibility that most on the 9 - 5 treadmill only dream of.

🦄 Done right and following your passion won't leave you burnt out, resentful, depleted and frustrated.

🦄 Done right and the rewards speak for themselves.

The good news is that every single thing on that 'Con List' above can be avoided.

Whether you want to hear this or not ...


Every single issue you're having in your business is caused by you (not your clients) and can be fixed by you.

💪 It's up to YOU to put the boundaries in place to avoid them.

💪 It's up to YOU to stick to those boundaries.

💪 It's up to you to put systems and processes in place that ensure your business is streamlined and thriving.

💪 It's up to YOU to take control of your business - unapologetically.


No one can do this for you, but we can sure show you how!


Sam + Jo xoxo





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