Why You'll Benefit From Spring Cleaning Your Client List

advice Nov 14, 2021

Whether once a year you Maria Kondo the s*** out of the dumping ground that was once your top kitchen drawer, or if each season you go through your closet to donate clothes that no longer fit, the feeling a good declutter gives you is well worth the effort put in.

It's healthy to give our homes a regular spring clean, so why not treat our businesses the same way?

Just like the clean, fresh and decluttered feeling a house clear out gives us, the same goes for saying goodbye to clients that aren't a great fit.


Spring cleaning your client list is a great way to become more profitable.

Maintainable a profitable client list means ensuring all of your clients are:

✅ Paying you what you're worth

✅ Paying you on time

✅ Valuing your time and expert knowledge

In addition, a REALLY profitable client will be:

🔥 Purchasing additional services/hours

🔥 Recommending you to others in their network.

If you were to go through your current client list right now with the above list, how many clients receive little to no points?

Let's not kid ourselves.

We're all in business to make money.


Before you start worrying about hurting someone's feelings by firing them, remember ...

This. Is. A. Business. Decision.

You can still be a nice person AND cut ties with a client.

But you can't be a successful business owner without having to make tough decisions and have tough conversations.

There will be virtual assistants reading this thinking ...


"You're not making any sense! How can firing a client make me more money?!"

"Surely a bad client is better than no client when it comes to my bank balance?"

Nope. And here's why:

By firing unprofitable clients, or those that are no longer a good fit, you're making space in your life for better clients to enter.

We totally get the panic you feel at the thought of firing a client.

But it's super important to remember that an unprofitable client not only hurts your bank balance, they can also hurt your morale.

By adopting this spring clean mentality to your business on a regular basis, you'll end up working with clients that value and appreciate you, love your work, respect your boundaries and who understand that you're in business too.


Sam + Jo xoxo





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