Are you just winging it?

advice mindset Nov 09, 2021
Winging It

Or are you plodding along, haphazardly getting clients, hoping the business you wish you had will magically happen? 🤷‍♀️


Winging it only gets you so far. Creating the life you desire (that one that gives you the ultimate in freedom and flexibility) requires a plan and focus.

We (along with many other VAs in the business) set out with great intentions.

We had the skills and experience in the services we were offering clients, but we didn't know the ins and outs of business.

We learnt the hard way about what it really takes to crack the VA success code.

And it turns out, the formula is simple!

It's not easy .. but you certainly don't need a degree to follow it!

The three key success elements that we swear by are:

💥 A well-crafted plan

💥 A finely tuned mindset

💥 The support of others

See! Simple ... but not necessarily easy.


Whether you’re an admin super-star, bookkeeper extraordinaire, a creative genius or whatever your superpower is, business can be overwhelming.

Well not anymore!

If you’re ready to make 2022 the year where you FINALLY feel like you’ve got a clear direction for your business and you feel confident about what you need to do ... Your Success Lab is for you!


Sam + Jo xoxo





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