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The Ultimate All-In-One Virtual Assistant Tool

services tools May 13, 2021
The Ultimate All-In-One Virtual Assistant Tool

There's no denying it - you can't be an awesome VA without awesome online tools. It just comes with the territory! 

Our friends at Adminja have built an online tool specifically for virtual assistants. How cool is that?!

Wondering how you'll manage all of your clients and keep track of everything? Imagine when you're fully booked - eek, if you don't have great systems and way to keep organised the wheels will start to fall off pretty quickly.

Adminja helps you manage tasks, invoices, time tracking, client projects and so much more.

They've create a demo video just for us that shows you all of its great features and how to set up this all-in-one VA business management tool.

Designed exclusively for today's Virtual Assistants, Adminja automates your client plans, status reports, forms and tasks, effortlessly tracks your time, and captures every last detail so nothing falls through the cracks. 

Plus they have an exclusive offer for our community - 60-days free trial!

Watch the demo and get access to the extended trial here.


~ Sam & Jo xoxo






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