How Virtual Assistants Attract Premium Clients

#advice finding clients Mar 25, 2022
Attract Premium Clients

When we talk about premium clients, we're talking about the ones who:

  • Are looking to gain as much time back as possible and are willing to pay for it.
  • Are attracted to glossy, stand-out online presence.
  • Are impressed by a slick sales call and onboarding process.
  • Are happy to pay in advance for your biggest service plan on a regular basis - rather than random ad-hoc hours.


The work involved in both attracting and maintaining premium clients isn't for everyone.

But for those virtual assistants whose ideal clients ARE premium ones, the benefits more than make up for the effort they put in.

Because ...

  • Premium clients don't squabble over the minutes on a timesheet.
  • Premium clients don't ask for discounts.
  • Premium clients don't micro-manage you.
  • Premium clients hand over some really interesting tasks.
  • Premium clients know other premium clients.
  • Premium clients know the value in hiring you.


So how do you attract this unicorn client? It's pretty simple really ...

Attracting premium clients means having premium services and pricing.

Everything from your marketing to your onboarding process needs to scream first class. This means:

  • No mention of hourly rates.
  • No low-value services offered.
  • No DIY websites.
  • No 'I'll just wing it' mentality.


Instead, focus on:

  • Efficiency. How can you save them time?
  • Onboarding. Time is money. It needs to be seamless in order to impress.
  • Branding. No more DIY websites and clipart graphics!
  • Results. High-end clients expect high-end results. Attention to detail is key.
  • Pricing. A premium client will have the mindset of 'you get what you pay for'. Premium clients gravitate to premium prices.


The entire VA experience you provide from start to finish needs to look, feel, and sound exclusive and high-value.

Everything from the language you use in your marketing copy, to how responsive you are and how you represent your client.

Expectations will be high, so be prepared to exceed them.


Sam + Jo xoxo





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