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Killer Sales Meeting Process

sales Mar 11, 2018
Killer Sales Meeting Process


Do you cringe at that word?

Many people do.

It might conjure thoughts of the sleazy second-hand car salesmen or you might think you're not a salesperson or haven't got it in you.

Well, I hate to break it to ya - but if you own a virtual assistant business (or any business) then you ARE a salesperson, and you'll have to get good at it.

Hate the thought of selling?

Time to get over it, as without sales you won't have a business! Think of it as providing a solution to someone with a problem. That's all sales is really when you break it down.

Now for the very first time, I'm making my sales meeting process available to you for free. It's a peek inside my VA business's processes and is a key to its success.

So... you get a lead in and you're in a sales meeting with them (face to face or over the phone). Now what...?

Check out the steps below and craft your killer sales script...

1. Set the agenda
Set the agenda by saying something like " So I can work out if we can help you or not, I have some questions for you and then I can make some recommendations. How does that sound?

2. Find out their pain points
Next is asking them what their pain point is by saying something like "So what was it that made you decide to meet with me today to see how we can help with your ___"

3. Shine light on the problem
Next get them to go deeper into the problems they have by saying something like "So tell me more about __[their problem]__"

Here's where you'll need to bite your tongue and resist the urge to jump straight into your solution to their problem!

4. Establish the outcomes they want
Here is where you find out what success would look like by asking "What are the three biggest outcomes that you would like as a result of us fixing __[the problem]__"

5. Ask questions
Next is your opportunity to ask lots more questions - ask about "how they currently do things, their team, why they started their business, whether they have outsourced before"...get a good understanding of their business, what drives them and anything you need to know before recommending any solutions.

6. Map the problem to the solution
Up until now 90% of the talking should have been done by your prospect. This is now your chance to take their problem and show them the solution by saying something like "Based on what you've told me about __[the problem]__what I recommend is __[your solution]__"

7. Soft close
Simply say "how does that sound?" If they say it sounds great, then perfect, continue on. If they say something else, then you need to go back to step 4 because the solution you have suggested hasn't solved their problem.

8. Tell them what will happen next
They have said they want to move forward so now all there is to do is to let them know the next steps for getting started! Make it super clear and easy-peasy for them. 

There we have it. The 8-step sales meeting process!

Good luck with your next sales meeting!

~ Jo 


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