How To Find Clients For Your VA Business

finding clients sales May 20, 2018
How To Find Clients For Your VA Business

Need clients for your new virtual assistant business?

Watch the video as I share my key strategy for finding clients and now have the most recommended virtual assistant company in New Zealand.


Without clients, you really don't have a business at all.

It can be daunting realising that you actually have to sell yourself. But you can learn how to. Even if you're shy. I was shy once and now have no trouble reaching out to anyone.

It's about feeling the fear and doing it anyway, and even when you get a '"no" answer, picking yourself up and getting back out there. Taking action, not giving up. And learning a few techniques along the way. 

So where do you find your first potential clients / prospects / leads?

When I started my virtual assistant business my first client was actually my previous workplace.

Yes, not only can reach out to where you used to work but also this is the place that I recommend you start first. It's the easiest client you'll get because they already know you. They know how talented you are, so you don't have to sell 'you' - you just have to sell the solution you now have to offer.

Nervous? Just give a previous manager or someone at the company you got on really well with a quick call and ask to meet for a coffee.

Let them know what you're doing now. Give them some ideas about what you could assist with. Examples: document formatting, implementing a new tool or app, setting up templates, typing notes from recordings, managing social media, creating PowerPoint presentations - whatever you're great at.

So that's your first step.

Need more?

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