How To Spot A Right Fit 'Green Flag' Client

advice Apr 11, 2022

We talk a lot about 'red flag' clients.  You know the ones ... the leads and clients that display behaviors that indicate they aren't the right fit for you personally or professionally.

And unfortunately as virtual assistants we also need to be on the look out for the red flags that warn us that the so-called lead may be someone out to scam you.


But what about green flags?

What if we started looking for the green flags as much as we do the red ones?

Can you imagine how much happier we'd all be in our work if we only signed up green flag clients?  It's a strategy we teach here at The VA Foundry .... being intentional with the types of clients we work with.

No matter how desperately we want to sign on a new client, if they aren't flying any green flags in front of you of your face loud and proud, then you need to stop for a moment, take a breath, remind yourself of your WHY, and ask yourself whether or not accepting this new lead is the right decision for YOU.

If you look at red flags as being potentially detrimental to your mental (and financial) health, then consider green flags to be the opposite.


Here are our top 5 green flags to look out for when chatting with a new lead:

1️⃣ They don't question your prices

No negotiations, no haggling and no request for discounts!

These clients don't bat an eyelid at your rates, will never expect you to work for free and will jump at the chance to sign up to a pay-in-advance monthly service plan.

This green flag indicates that the client knows, and appreciates, your value.

2️⃣ Their communication is quick and responsive

A lead that is quick and responsive when communicating with you is giving you a taste of what it will be like to work with them in the future.

So many issues we encounter in our businesses come back to either poor communication or a lack thereof.

This green flag indicates the client will typically be easier to communicate with long term.

3️⃣ They know what they want

A lead that arrives on your door step knowing exactly what it is they need help with, how they want you to assist them, AND is clear on what they are looking for in their right-fit VA in terms of skills and personality is a great one!

This green flag indicates the client has the potential to be a long-term one.

4️⃣ They respect your knowledge and your time

Respect is one of the biggest green flags you'll come across. A client that listens to your advice and respects your time as much as their own is a keeper!

You'll never have to worry about last minute 'urgent' requests, catch ups that drag on for no apparent reason, or out-of-hours requests.

Say goodbye to clients who want you to drop everything for them at a moments notice and forget about having to chase THEM up for things.

This green flag indicates their understanding that you are a business owner with boundaries too.

5️⃣ They are excited to be working with you

This one works both ways - it's a two way street. You want your client to be as excited about working with you as much as you are excited to work with them.

An unenthusiastic, unresponsive or reluctant lead/client is a sure sign something deeper is happening at their end.

This green flag indicates the sign up and handover process will be a quick one and you'll have no problem getting work out of them.


The sooner you can identify the right clients from the wrong ones, the happier you'll be.

Not every client is going to be the right one. But it's easy (especially when we're just starting out) to believe they CAN be so long as we're doing a great job.

But life simply doesn't work that way. This mindset will only come and bite you on the bum later on.

So yes, absolutely continue to be aware of those red flags, but keep your eyes peeled for the all-important green ones in order to separate the dream clients from the nightmare ones.


Sam + Jo xoxo



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