How to gain credibility as a virtual assistant

advice Mar 06, 2023

Credibility is one part of the all-important 'Know, Like and Trust' factor potential clients are looking for in a VA.

Coming across as a credible virtual assistant means that leads will feel confident that you're someone to trust, that you’re going to fulfill your promises to them, that you’re reliable, professional, and that you’re going to do a great job for them.

And the more credible you're coming across to potential clients, the more likely it is that potential client will turn into an actual client.

HELLO! Who doesn’t want another client or three?!


Without credibility:

  • You'll struggle to attract clients that aren't referrals.
  • New leads won't believe you're legit.
  • Your online presence will be letting you down.


With credibility:

  • You'll wow new leads with your obvious skills and experience.
  • It's easier to become fully booked ... fast!
  • You've already gained a new lead's trust BEFORE you've hopped on that discovery call.


Ways to gain credibility as a virtual assistant:

Here are our top 10 ways for you to gain credibility in the VA space ... some without the need for any actual experience!

  1. Share your social proof!  Testimonials, reviews and all the great feedback your past and current clients have provided you.
  2. Become a certified/official partner of platforms and tools that you love and use, and display your badges with pride!
  3. Join a professional association of Virtual Assistants.
  4. Share your expert knowledge online with value added blog and social media posts.
  5. Been seen in the media and get in front of others' wider networks by guest writing articles/blog posts and/or be interviewed on podcasts.
  6. Speak at events (either online or in-person) showcasing your skills, knowledge and expertise.
  7. Have a robust LinkedIn profile including a completed Experience section.
  8. Create a professional, on-brand website.
  9. Create a kick-ass portfolio of your work.
  10. Enter relevant VA industry and business awards.

In today's weird and wonderful online business world people value authenticity and trust more than ever, and there's no better way of building that than working on your credibility.

The time and energy you'll put in is, without a doubt, worth it.


Sam + Jo xoxo 



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