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Crazy Stalker Or Follow-Up Master?

sales Mar 25, 2018
Crazy Stalker Or Follow-Up Master?

In the previous post Jo shared her killer sales meeting process with you BUT it can't stop there.

Here are some stats that will shock you...

What this should remind you is the importance of resilience.  Don’t quit or give up - instead follow up and track your results.

Not everyone will be ready to buy on your first interaction with them, and that's ok.

By simply being persistent and following-up, you are more likely to get the yes that you are after.

Seems simple right, but so many salespeople fail to do it. Be different to all the others and you'll see the results in your business. 

The stats should serve as motivation to make that extra follow up call.

We know, we know - you're thinking but won't I come across like a crazy stalker? Obviously calling, texting and emailing them every day is definitely stalker status.

However, if you called them a few days after you send a proposal, then emailed if you couldn't get in touch with them. Still no response, and you call them again a few more days later. (Stay with us - don't give up!) Another week later another phone call/email. Another week another email.

Still nothing so now it might be time to throw the ball back in their court and trust us this really works.

Send them an email saying something like - you now are feeling like a stalker and would love to work with them however because you haven't heard back you are now going to leave it with them to get in touch when they're ready.

Make sure you have your own tone, personality and judge what is appropriate in your email - keep it upbeat, friendly and open. Never appear to be annoyed! Always be gracious.

You'll be amazed at just how many times you'll get a response from 'the ball is in your court' emails.

You see most people are busy, disorganised and just may not be ready. 

As soon as you put it back on them, they don't have the comfort of knowing that you'll keep reminding them they need to make a decision on something that will actually be good for them! 

Is there a follow-up call you should make right now?

Go! Make the call!

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

~ Sam + Jo 




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