What To Say When Someone Asks For A Discount

pricing Jun 17, 2018
What To Say When Someone Asks For A Discount

Ever been asked for a discount? Here's a brilliant article on what to do when a client (or potential client) asks for one.

Always be wary of those who question the price because in my experience they are often late payers, will push the boundaries, question invoices and give you the most issues.

And don't undervalue yourself - you are worth it and will be hugely valuable to your clients.

I also learned a very expensive lesson when I ignored a red flag in the new client sign up process. The client questioned the late payment charges in the terms of engagement and then said 'oh not that I plan on paying late'. BIG RED FLAG. If someone plans on paying on time then the late charges will never come in to play, right.

Despite the warning sign, we started work for them and over time they started to pay late and their overdue total kept rising. They ended up owning $16,000 and it nearly put me out of business. Luckily they ended up paying it all back but it was many months later.

As a business owner, you get to choose your clients so don't be afraid to decide that you won't work with someone. I know it can be hard to turn away a client when you are starting out and need them! Trust me - you'll be better off in the long run.

Anyway, here's the article...






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