Is it possible to have too many clients?

advice Mar 08, 2022
For some of you reading this, you'll be thinking ... 
"You're joking right? I wish!" 
"Nope. No way!" 
Speaking from experience, YES it's absolutely possible to have too many clients! 
It's a great problem to have, but when there is not enough supply to meet the demand then you're going to end up overwhelmed and possibly burnt out. 
One awesome option you have is to scale by growing your team! 
Either by outsourcing the tasks you no longer have time for, or by bringing on sub-contractors to take on some of the client work. 
But if that's not where you see your business heading, unless you can find a way to clone yourself (let us know how you get on), you're going to have to make some changes. 
You're going to need to either: 
1️⃣ Increase your prices;
2️⃣ Niche/specialise; or
3️⃣ Improve your systems and processes.
How many is too many?
Great question! Thanks for asking 😉
The reality is this figure is going to differ greatly depending on a number of factors, including:
1️⃣ Your 'why' and how many hours chargeable hours you are willing and able to work.
2️⃣ How many hours you need to put aside each week for 'on your business' work.
3️⃣  Whether or not you've shifted your hourly rate mindset to one of packages and service plans.
4️⃣ Who you ideal client is, the services you offer (have you niched?!) and what value you (and your client) put on the work you produce.
A great way to help figure this out is by using Capacity Planning.
Capacity planning in simple terms is figuring out how many 'on your biz' hours you need to put aside for and how many chargeable hours you are capable (and willing) to have available for clients.
But keep in mind:
It's not the number of clients you have (or don't have) that's the issue, but the quality of client and the type of work you are doing for them.
As cliché as sounds, knowing who your ideal client and having a great niche or speciality is key.
And moving away from an hourly rate will help considerably too.
The hourly rate mindset most VAs have keeps them trapped in a position where they are not really in control of their time.

The most successful VAs think of their work and income in terms of projects/service plans, rather than hours - which then shifts their focus to efficiency and the quality of work they are producing.

Which as we know, all equates to becoming a go-to expert/VA charging out at higher rates, requiring less clients!
So. Are you being intentional with the type of clients you take on?

We hope so!
Sam + Jo xoxo



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