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3 Essential Apps

tools Apr 08, 2018
3 Essential Apps

A child of the ‘80s and ‘90s, I remember thinking we were at the peak of space-age developments when I got my first Nokia phone (aka the brick) in high school. There I was, furiously click, click, clicking away, texting my friends in class and feeling like I was more advanced than the Jetsons… 

Fast-forward 15 years, where the only things that have remained the same are my thoughts of wonderment towards the ever-developing tech sphere. (I’m convinced smell-o-vision must be next!)

In this shiny new world of smartphones and hard drives that no longer take up entire rooms, apps reign supreme.

And as a virtual business owner, you too will need to embrace online apps and technology.

If not, you'll find yourself always doing things the slow and hard way and your business may not flourish in the way that you had hoped.

Here are just three of the tools I recommend you check out...


With THE most incredible search function I have ever seen, Evernote can even read handwritten notes and it allows you to save resources, and ideas very quickly!

At the moment, I’m saving all blog post ideas, notes from workshops and courses, and links to useful resources! The list of uses is endless and it's all so searchable.

If you hate having to file things away using the traditional folder structure then you'll love this.

No more folders - just search-awesomeness!


Zoom is an online tool for conference calls, one-on-one calls and webinars that is increasing in popularity. It's like Skype but with more features.

There's a free version (limited to 45 min calls).

It could be a great solution for some of your clients who have remote teams or are wanting to deliver content via conference calls.



WhatsApp is basically a ‘walkie talkie’ app.

Being a 'Driver' personality type, this is fantastic for me!

It’s the best way to get a message to someone quickly and without the fluff and unnecessary chat.

It also tells me when they have seen/heard the message, so I know if I need to call them. No more wasting time finding their number, calling, waiting for them to answer, leaving a message (or not), and then waiting for them to call you back. Perfect!

You can also send pictures and text messages - all in the one app.

I use this with all of my team and they use it to communicate with clients (just another way we keep our communication efficient and ensure clients get good value from our time).

Have fun!

~ Jo 


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