We help you build a booked-out, soul-filling virtual assistant business you LOVE to work in

Through courses, templates, coaching & mentoring. All inside The VA Foundry — a dedicated learning hub for ambitious VAs.

Figuring out how to launch — and then scale — a virtual assistant business isn’t easy.

But whoever said you had to figure it out alone?

Whether you’re hoping to quit your 9-5 & launch your own business or you’re an established VA looking to scale, we’re here to help you reach your version of success.

Not through hustle and burnout. Through expert education & resources designed to help you step into your role as CEO of your business — a role that empowers you to dream big dreams, make big moves, and feel the relief of all those messy puzzle pieces finally *clicking* into place.

Jo Jensen
Sam Browne, virtual assistant coach

Information overload isn't just a problem for your computer.

It’s kinda taxing on your brain, too

In some ways, it’s AMAZING there’s so much content available at your fingertips 24/7.

The only downside?

The ‘facts’ are a bit contradictory. And the ‘experts’ telling you what success should look like aren’t always… ahem… verified.

  • ‘You must post on Instagram twice a day!’
  • ‘You must aim for multiple six figures!’
  • ‘You must embrace the hustle!’
  • ‘You must grow a 30-strong team!’
  • ‘You must start your day at 5am!’
  • *insert every other pearl of 🫠-inducing ‘wisdom’ here*

Truth be told — success looks wildly different to everyone.

We do have something in common though, us ambitious business owners:
we want success to feel as good in our soul as it looks in our bank account.

We want to enjoy the work we do. We want to work with epic clients. We want that elusive work/life balance so we can stop watching the clock all day.

If you’re nodding along (or screaming YES!!) — you’re in the right place. We’re here to tell you this is all within your reach.

By ‘we’ we mean us — Sam + Jo 👋

The VAs, coaches, mentors, mums, besties + faces behind the VA Foundry.

We’re big on 3 things:

  • Unforgettable client experiences.
  • Real, honest conversations.
  • Combining a touch of ‘woo’ with a whole lot of proven, foundational strategies & processes to help you build a business that is profitable, sustainable and fulfilling — both on and offline.

Having independently created highly successful VA businesses of our own, in 2019 we combined our decades of knowledge to show aspiring VAs around the world what it takes to launch and grow a thriving VA business.

We’re also living proof that you can have the career & life you dream of, if you’re willing to embrace a CEO mindset and shape your business with intention.

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Sam Browne and Jo Jensen excited with hands in air

Here's how we can work together

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Learn with us

Courses & resources for aspiring VAs looking to get started with a bang.

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Grow with us

Coaching & mastermind experiences for established VAs looking to scale.

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Wendy Brown

“You know the phrase when the penny drops? Well, I had more like ‘when the $2 coin drops’ moments in my last coaching call.

The process was logical, relaxed, and inspiring.

In the end, I had a coherent plan of action, direction, and an enormous amount of excitement for my future business plan and goals.”

~ Wendy Brown

“Taking part in the 'Launch in 30 Days' course was the best decision I ever made for my business. The course gave me clarity and tons of tips/best practice methods that had never before crossed my mind.

Sam & Jo know their stuff 100% and the other amazing ladies who participated in the course created such an encouraging and supportive environment. We cheered each other on, shared our progress, and together elevated our skills and businesses.”

~ Erica Campbell

Erica Campbell
Laura Jones

“Working with the VA Foundry was invaluable for me to be able to kickstart my VA business.

Sam and Jo deliver their knowledge and experience in such easy-to-understand packages.

The continuous support within the community and the ‘no excuses’ approach really helped me to overcome the barriers that I thought were in my way.”

~ Laura Jones

Key events to pop in your calendar (stat!)

Key events to pop in your calendar (stat!)

AI Webinar

- AUGUST 2024 -

Future-proof your space in the VA space. Register for our free webinar.

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NZ VA Awards

- SEPTEMBER 2024 -

A celebration of the exceptional VAs of New Zealand.

Coming Soon

Bali Retreat 

- JULY 2025 -

An intimate, soul-nourishing, uber-luxe 5-day retreat in Bali with Sam + Jo.

Learn more

We also talk for a living ;)

The Sam + Jo VA Show Podcast

Tune in for weekly insights & advice for building a thriving, work-from-home virtual business (minus the headaches)

Tracey Lock

“It’s like having lunch with ya besties but soaking up so much info at the same time! Best podcast ever.”

~ Tracey Lock

The right time is right now

There’s never been more demand for switched-on VAs. Businesses across the globe are looking for flexible, skilled resources to outsource their key tasks to, and are willing to pay a premium for the right people.

Let’s make sure you’re first on their wish list.

Show me how >

Sam and Jo Celebrating

We can’t promise overnight success, but we can promise it’ll be worth it

A flourishing VA business gives you:


Ditch the commute and take control of your life with a business that works for you and your family. You’re the boss now — you make the rules.


Work where, when & how it suits you. Sun lounger in Bali? Sure! While the baby naps? Go for it. From your local café? Fun!


Finally — the chance to work to live (rather than the other way around) in a way that supports your mental and physical health & gives you a sense of balance in all areas of life.

Tash Budd

“I give 100% credit to The VA Foundry for where I am today (and a little bit of me of course).

I went from low self-confidence in a corporate company where I felt everything I did wasn't 'right'...to feeling empowered and proud that I have set myself up to earn more income than I was earning in that job – with more freedom and flexibility.”

~ Tash Budd

“I’ve been a part of the Mastermind for a couple of years now and honestly, I don’t foresee myself leaving.

Sam and Jo have built a community of exceptional virtual assistants — so you not only get your coaches' expertise, but the expertise of your fellow VAs.”

~ Tuesday Semmens

Tuesday Semmens
Sheldon Macartney

“I’d been entertaining the idea of becoming a VA but really, where to start!? Then I saw the opportunity to complete this 7 step formula mini course and it just fit.

The steps are clear, concise and manageable. Jo and Sam's way of sharing knowledge and encouragement is also super relatable.

So just do it! Get out of your head and take that next step.”

~ Sheldon Macartney

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