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The only business planner specifically designed for virtual assistants

Stay organised. Boost productivity.

Containing 200+ pages, there’s ample space for all your planning for the entire year.

It's not only a sturdy guide but a stylish 'must-have' addition to your business toolkit!

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Virtual Assistant Podcast

The Sam + Jo VA Show

Tune in to the essential podcast for VAs! Unfiltered, genuine, and refreshingly candid, we provide the insights you need to hear, rather than what you want to hear.

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Self Paced Virtual Assistant Courses

Do It Yourself Learning

The Virtual Assistant industry is thriving! Discover how to launch and grow your VA business with our self-paced online training and development courses. It's time to transform your VA aspirations into reality.

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Virtual Assistant Group Coaching

Scale Up Your Biz

The Scale It! Mastermind is for ambitious virtual assistants ready to level up. It's time to dream big and take imperfect action.  Get more clients, make more money and grow your team today.

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Confidently set your rates and know exactly what you'll earn with the Ultimate Pricing Calculator for NZ and Australian virtual assistants

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Sam Browne, virtual assistant coach

Ditch the doubt, let go of the stress, and get laser focused!

With a change in the way people are running their businesses, the demand for Virtual Assistants is growing.

Businesses across the globe who have never before considered hiring a virtual assistant are now on the lookout for flexible, scalable resources to outsource to (aka VAs!!).

Whether you're just starting out, or you've been around for a while and are now looking to bring on sub-contractors or employees, we've got you covered.

Get more clients, make more money and grow your team today!

Jo Jensen, virtual assistant coach

The mini-course to get you started

Turn your work from home dreams into reality with the proven 7 Step Start-Up Formula to becoming a virtual assistant. 

Say goodbye to being a slave to your 9-5, and say hello to the ultimate in freedom and flexibility.

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Don't just take our word for it ...

Petro, New Zealand

Petro Geldenhuys

Sam and Jo's passion for helping other VAs become successful is evident in the amount of information and work they put in.

My business has grown so much that I'm now at full capacity.

Tracey Lock, New Zealand

Tracey Lock

Thank you Sam + Jo your content is amazing - it's clear, it's constructive, it's actionable and it works! 

Everything you amazing ladies teach works (Provided we get off our backside and 'get sh#t done')

Taylor, New Zealand

Taylor Bignall

Before my one-on-one coaching call, I felt uneasy and unsure of what steps I needed to take to move forward. 

Since my coaching session, I've left my corporate job to pursue a full-time career as a VA!

Computer and desk at The VA Foundry
Jo Jensen drinking coffee while working on The VA Foundry


Be part of the movement creating the flexibility to work where, when and how it suits you.

Apple Macbook on coffee table


Ditch the commute and take control of your life with a business that works for you and your family.

Desk and screen
Sam Browne


Work from your back deck watching your kids play in the backyard, or after they're tucked up safely in bed.

The Sam + Jo VA Show Podcast


No matter where you are in your VA journey, 'The Sam + Jo VA Show' podcast provides you the best insights, ideas and strategies so you too can grow a thriving, work-from-home, virtual business.

Sam Browne looking at Jo Jensen

You are enough!

The skills and experience you're bringing with you into the VA world are more than enough.

Someone has hired you before. Someone has trusted you before. Someone has paid you before!

So why wouldn't a client engage your services now?

It's time to rewrite your to-do list.

It's absolutely possible to launch your business ... without all the fancy bells and whistles you think you need.

Learn the exact steps to build and grow a fully-booked VA business without the need for a website, social following or client testimonials.

We did it. And you can too!

Learn how >

Having independently created highly successful VA businesses of our own, in 2019 we combined our decades of knowledge and experience to show aspiring VAs around the world what it takes to launch and grow in-demand and fully-booked Virtual Assistant businesses.

It just makes sense to learn from those in the business who are already successful.

Those that have put in the hard yards.

Those that have made the mistakes, learnt from them, tweaked their approach and then grown some more.

Whether you're just starting out, or you've been around for a while and are now looking to bring on sub-contractors or employees, we've got you covered.

We're here to take the guess work and stress out of setting up and scaling your very own VA business.

Back in the day, we both muddled through alone, making mistakes along the way (some were doozies!). But you don't have to - because you've got a secret ingredient ... us!

We're so thrilled to be sharing all our tips, tricks, secrets and lessons we've learnt along the way.

Sam Browne and Jo Jensen excited with hands in air


The course and community for aspiring and beginner virtual assistants.

The step-by-step guide to launching your dream VA business, and landing your first-ever *well-paying* client ( 30 days)

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Hear what others think ...

Classy Green, United States

Classy Green

United States

I felt overwhelmed and didn't know how to navigate the world of Virtual Assistants.

Then I attended the VA Summit and met Sam + Jo and felt an immediate kinship with them and decided to take a chance and join the Mastermind.

I've now launched my business, gained several clients and also started a full-time job with a company who reached out to me after seeing my LinkedIn profile.

I don’t think my successes would be possible without being in the Members Club and completing the homework assignments which took me out of my comfort zone.

The best thing about being in the Mastermind is the camaraderie with the other members and the one-on-one attention that Sam + Jo give to everyone.

Izabela , Canada

Izabela Szmigielska


Before joining the Scale It! Mastermind, I was overwhelmed, not knowing where to start my VA business. How would I land my first client? I was stressed, and I wanted to quit before I gave it a chance.

The accountability and support have been the best. When I read that Sam and Jo will check-in and hold me accountable for the goals I set, I immediately signed up. If I get stuck along the way, I can count on their support and expertise to answer my questions.

Since joining, I've landed my first client, and my mindset began to shift from employee mindset to business owner mindset.

Many things make The VA Foundry exceptional - The straightforward steps I needed to take to start my VA business. Steps are outlined like an easy-to-follow manual, the accountability and support you get from all the club members, and of course the generosity of Sam and Jo to share their expertise, knowledge and experience in running a VA business.

Minneke van Noordt, New Zealand

Minneke van Noordt

New Zealand

The 7-Step Formula mini-course is awesome! Packed full of really useful and specific information from these ladies who obviously know what they're talking about!

Jo and Sam are friendly and fun, and make it easy to understand.

They laid to rest a lot of my fears about how much I had to know/didn't have to know, and helped me to focus on what was important.

The steps simplify it down into bite-sized chunks that are achievable!

Ready to scale up your business?

Check out the Scale It! Mastermind

Free Resources


Our blog is packed full of free resources, downloads and videos providing you with tips and tricks to grow your VA business.

Secure More Clients With These 5 Insider Tips

Oct 26, 2023

Are You Really Stealing The Client?

Oct 26, 2023

8 Things That Will Curb Your Scaling Dreams

Sep 04, 2023

The mini-course to get you started

Turn your work from home dreams into reality with the proven 7 Step Start-Up Formula to becoming a virtual assistant. 

Say goodbye to being a slave to your 9-5, and say hello to the ultimate in freedom and flexibility.

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Read about their successes ...

Claudia Hammerer, Germany

Claudia Hammerer


I’m still in the planning stage of my business at the moment and prior to joining the Mastermind I was feeling very overwhelmed. 

Now I feel like I’m learning again!

I’ve always been an employee and I’m starting to feel a little more empowered to go for something different.

Katrina Flannery, Australia

Katrina Flannery


Since joining the Mastermind I've developed more confidence and gained more clients!

Don't hesitate - this is a great investment both personally and professionally.

Kylie Weastell, New Zealand

Kylie Weastell

New Zealand

I really wasn't sure what to expect from the Mastermind as there is already so much valuable information, resources and support Jo + Sam provide for free ... but I was blown away!!

The topics and stages inside the Vault are laid out perfectly. It's great to be able to go through each stage learning new ideas and what to tweak.

Check out the coaching and course options here