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The Virtual Assistant Course Suite


Want to take a course or get coaching? 

Ready to fast-track your success by learning from the experts?

It just makes sense to learn from those in the business who are already successful. 

  • Those that have put in the hard yards. 
  • Those that have made the mistakes, learnt from them, tweaked their approach and then grown some more.

Whether you're just starting out, or you've been around for a while and are now looking to scale with a team, we've got you covered.

Everything you need to grow your fully-booked, work-from-home virtual assistant business!

Set yourself up for success in your VA biz for 2023

Now's the time to snap up a 2023 digital business planner designed specifically for virtual assistants, plus tutorial videos on how to use it!

Get laser focused and propel your virtual assistant business forward in 2023.

Digital version still available!

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The mini-course to launch and land your first client

Turn your work from home dreams into reality with the proven 7 Step Start-Up Formula to becoming a virtual assistant.

Say goodbye to being a slave to your 9-5, and say hello to the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. 

Get ready to launch your business, land your first client and start earning from home on your terms.

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Group coaching to scale and level up your business

Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and get laser-focused?

The Members Club Mastermind is for established virtual assistants looking to scale their businesses to make more money without having to work more hours!

Join a close-knit group of ambitious Virtual Assistants from around the world who are looking for the ultimate in freedom, flexibility and control.

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Personal coaching sessions to get you unstuck

You don't have to do this alone. Get personalised support and advice over a coaching call (or 6) with us.

We'll get you unstuck, help you strategise your next steps and answer your questions!

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale, this personal coaching will help give you clear direction and the focus you need.

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Launching soon

Coming 1 May, you'll learn everything you need to know to launch your virtual assistant online business and get paying clients.

Plan it, build it, launch it all in just 30 days!

Join the waitlist today to access our very special early bird price.

Here's what they're saying...

Katrina FJ


Thank you for creating the Podcast Management Masterclass! I highly recommend it for VAs who may have been thinking of niching down to this specialty.

So much valuable information that helped me understand and offer to clients needing help with their podcast.

Kylie Weastell

New Zealand

I really wasn't sure what to expect from the Members Club as there is already so much valuable information, resources and support Jo + Sam provide for free ... but I was blown away!!

The topics and stages inside the Members Library are laid out perfectly. It's great to be able to go through each stage learning new ideas and what to tweak.

Experience the VA event of the year

Whether you’re an experienced VA or just starting out, we all want one thing – and that’s to run flexible and successful businesses.

Access over 16 knowledge-fueled sessions created specifically for Virtual Assistants from speakers around the globe.

Get more clients, make more money and grow your team today with lifetime access to this value packed summit!

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Here's what they're saying...

Chris Anderson


I personally got so much from the sessions by Jo and Sam - these resonated perfectly and honestly especially 'Finding Clients For Introverts'.

I really enjoyed the experience and it opened up so many thought processes.

Esme Sutton

New Zealand

I highly recommend the Members Club. Everything you need (& more!) at your fingertips.

Great way to fast track your VA action plan. I tend to dither and get overwhelmed so having a known successful plan of action was best for me.

Manage your business with ease

Our friends at Adminja have created a demo video for us that shows you all the features and how to set up this all-in-one VA biz online tool.

Build specifically for VAs, this tool helps you manage tasks, invoices, time tracking, client projects and more.

Plus they have an exclusive offer for our community - 60-days free trial!

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Here's what they're saying...

Edwina Southgate


The entire VA Online Summit was packed with so much valuable information!  I got some really great tips that I can implement into my business. Gained some different perspectives too.

I personally got so much from the sessions by Jo and Sam - these resonated perfectly and honestly especially 'Finding Clients For Introverts'.

I really enjoyed the experience and it opened up so many thought processes.

Minneke van Noordt

Minneke van Noordt

New Zealand

The 7-Step Formula mini-course is awesome! Packed full of really useful and specific information from these ladies who obviously know what they're talking about!

Jo and Sam are friendly and fun, and make it easy to understand.

They laid to rest a lot of my fears about how much I had to know/didn't have to know, and helped me to focus on what was important.

The steps simplify it down into bite-sized chunks that are achievable!

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