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7 Step Formula To Setting Up Your VA Business

The steps you need to launch your very own virtual assistant business at your fingertips ... including how to land your very first client!

The virtual assistant industry is booming and it's no wonder given the incredible benefits for both VAs AND the clients who outsource to them.

It's likely you're here because you're looking for the freedom and flexibility working from home gives you as well as the fulfillment you get by doing work you're passionate about.

But it's also likely that you're feeling overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start.

We bet you want to do it right so that you can land those first clients fast. And you can if you follow our 7 Step Formula.

The 7 Step Formula is how we BOTH started our very own virtual assistant businesses. The same one that has helped hundreds of women just like you do the same!

What you'll learn by following our 7 Step Formula:

  • How to create a straightforward business plan so you know what to focus on in the coming days and weeks.
  • How to choose your services
  • How to establish your pricing
  • How to decide on your business name and DIY your branding
  • What tools you'll need when first starting up
  • What social media channels to be posting on
  • How to land your first client/s
  • How to keep your clients happy so you get lots of lovely referrals!

What you'll get:

  • 7 Step Formula Mini-Course with videos and downloads
  • Virtual Assistant Start-Up Checklist
  • Business Plan Template
  • 101 Tasks To Take Off A Client's Plate
  • Choosing Your Services Worksheet
  • Tools You Need To Run Your VA Business
  • 30 Ways To Find Clients

Say goodbye to being a slave to your 9-5, and say hello to the ultimate in freedom and flexibility!

Ready to get started?  Get your 7 Step Formula!

What People Are Saying:

Thanks to this mini course I now have visualized my goals and know what services to offer! It makes so much sense and absolutely works. I liked that the videos were short and to the point and I could listen to them without getting side-tracked. Thank you!

Marina Weber

This is awesome! Packed full of really useful and specific information from these ladies who obviously know what they're talking about! Jo and Sam are friendly and fun, and make it easy to understand. They laid to rest a lot of my fears about how much I had to know/didn't have to know, and helped me to focus on what was important. The steps simplify it down into bite-sized chunks that are achievable!

Minneke van Noordt