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Law of Attraction - Part 3

manifesting Dec 17, 2017
Law of Attraction - Part 3

Well done for coming this far on the journey. But please don't stop!

Just completing the first two steps to manifesting things into your life isn't quite enough.

The final step can be the hardest and is where most people trip up.

Remember the first step is giving what you DO want all of your focus, energy, and attention. And the second step is taking action.

So, what action did you take this week? Did you feel the fear and do it anyway? Picked up the phone and made a call, wrote an email, went to an event?!

But sometimes you hesitate.

When it happens to me, I often ask - what's the worst that can happen?

I approach someone and they say no?

Well, that's not that bad.

After you've managed to conquer the first two steps to manifesting things in your life, here's the final step - the kicker.

Believe it will happen. Remove all fear and doubt.

Believe. Believe. Believe.

I believed I could create the most successful virtual assistant company in New Zealand. I believed I could win the Young Business Person Award in 2015. I believed I could sign up clients and lots of them.

I believed in myself. And so can you.

Even if it isn't always easy. Of course, sometimes I feel like a fraud. An imposter. We all do - even the most successful people admit to suffering from 'imposter syndrome'.

When those critical thoughts creep in, I let them wash through me, and then I push them away by listing all the reasons why they're not true.

The trick is not to engage with them or give them any energy. Let them pass through and then dismiss them.

Are you ready?

Now that you have all three steps - I'm keen to see what you start to manifest.

Let me know what you make happen!

~ Jo




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