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5 Things To NEVER Do In The Virtual Assistant Industry

advice mindset Aug 26, 2018
5 Things To NEVER Do In The Virtual Assistant Industry

You’ve done it. You’ve researched all the basic ins and outs, got a handle on the expertise you can offer, and it’s the right time in your life to make the leap to owning your very own business.

You’ve decided you want to be a Virtual Assistant! Congrats!

You’ve indeed come to the right place for information on how to launch your new and exciting VA venture successfully.

Everyone that knows me knows I’m a positive person that loves sharing my experience to help others achieve their goals.

With that said, although it’s great to focus on all the great things you need to do to become the best Virtual Assistant you can be, I think it is also imperative to discuss the things you should NEVER do in the Virtual Assistant industry.

These are lessons I don’t believe you can afford to learn the hard way, so are best avoided at all costs.

1. NEVER be dishonest

The first, and possibly most important thing to remember is: Never, ever be dishonest with your clients.

If you do, you risk losing trust, and simply put – this will be the death of your business.

Negative feedback, especially feedback relating to dishonesty, will spread like wildfire.

Be honest about your skills and areas of expertise, have clear pricing structures and plans, be transparent about who is doing what job, and keep up the open communication throughout.

Never be dishonest.

It will ruin you.

2. NEVER break client confidentiality

A close runner-up is to ensure you never break client confidentiality.

Not a smart move to mention your clients by name to other people or divulge information about them. (Especially if you are working with their business accounts and finances!)

The exception here is when you have spoken to them and asked for permission to mention their name for a specific purpose – i.e. publishing their positive feedback about a job you did for them on your website.

Just make sure that you only do what they agreed to and don’t use their information for any other purpose.

I suggest you start thinking like a doctor. A VA doctor!

When it comes to clients, remain tight-lipped.

Client business is not up for discussion with anyone besides said client and their Virtual Assistant.

3. NEVER ignore contracts

Another dishonourable mention is ignoring contracts. If you ever use a contractor from a company you have an arrangement with, never try to engage the contractor outside of the company agreement.

Trying to get around a contract by soliciting a cheaper deal is super sneaky, unscrupulous, and a one-way ticket to breaking trust. Not a good look.

4. NEVER disrespect your referrer

Following on from that point, if you get a referral from someone, (let’s say a graphic designer sends a client your way), never try to suggest to this client that you could do the type of work for them that the graphic designer who referred you could do. i.e. Never offer graphic design services to the client that has been referred to you.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Even if you offer graphic design as a VA service, that is beside the point! (An exception would be if the graphic designer referred this client with the express intention of you helping them with graphic design, as they are too busy with other work. Just make sure it is 100% clear and is not an assumption you have made).

5. NEVER trash talk your competition

The last point I want to touch on is trash talking.

It doesn’t matter if you have heard bad things about another VA or virtual assistant business, badmouthing and putting down your competition is petty and makes you look (really) bad.

There are millions of companies in the world, which means plenty of clients to go around, so there's no need to stoop to this low tactic and put others down.

If you think it’s a good plan to try and steer more clients your way, think again.

It will have the opposite effect and make you look like you don't have integrity or diplomacy. #youdoyou

So there you have it; a quick guide to all the things you want to avoid on your journey to the top of the VA game.

Now, all that is left to do is get out there with your contagious enthusiasm and your newfound understanding of the industry no-no’s.

Rest assured, if you can avoid these errors, you should be well on your way to building a positive and thriving virtual assistant business.



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