THE 2022

14 - 18 February 2022

This is a live Summit like no other. Don't just fill your brain with more learning, actually implement it alongside other VAs taking part in 16 workshop-style sessions.


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5-day live online summit for Virtual Assistants!

Learn proven strategies to get more clients, make more money and grow a thriving virtual assistant business!

With 5 days of empowering sessions from 17 speakers at the top of their game, this is THE event of the year for Virtual Assistants!

Whether you’re an experienced VA or just starting out, we all want one thing – and that’s to run flexible and successful businesses.  During the Online Summit you’ll have access to over 16 workshop-style sessions created specifically for Virtual Assistants.

Our international expert speakers are leaders in their industries.  And not only that, but they all know the value of hiring a VA.  Who better to provide us with the know-how to ensure our businesses grow and succeed.

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2022 VA Online Summit.



It's super easy to access!  Watch and learn from the comfort of your own home, with sessions available for 7 days.

Cost Effective

We wanted it to be accessible to every VA, even those just starting out, that's why we've made it so affordable!



Learn alongside an amazing community of Virtual Assistants from speakers that we know first hand to be the best.

Hear From Last Year's Summit Attendees...

Kylie Weastell

Kylie Weastell

Both the 2020 and 2021 Summits have been absolutely invaluable! 

Please keep doing them!  Really enjoy the sessions.

Tracy Michelle

Tracy Michelle

This year's VA Summit was excellent.

The topics were relevant and very tangible. I was able to glean some useful tit-bits to take back to my business to better serve clients and help others.

Well done Sam & Jo!

Elizabeth Harvey

Elizabeth Harvey

Such a great opportunity to learn about how to thrive as a VA, and meet others working in the industry.

2022 Summit Session Schedule

Can't watch live? No worries! All session replays are available to watch for 7 days (until 25 February 2022).

DAY 1: Monday 14 February

9.15am NZST Keynote, Shelly Davies

10.00am NZST  Write Your Own Compelling Home Page Copy with Christine Sheehy

11.30am NZST  5 Steps To Creating Profitable Packages More Clients Can Afford with Natalie Coombe

1.00pm NZST 12 Steps To Set Up and Optimise Your Google My Business Profile with Luke Ahearn

Session replays available for 7 days!

DAY 2: Tuesday 15 February

10.00am NZST Overhaul Your LinkedIn Profile To Attract Your Dream Clients with Kate Nankivell

11.30am NZST Create Your Own Sales Call Script and Follow Up Process with Natalie Tolhopf

1.00pm NZST  DIY Your Brand Headshot Like A Pro with Peti Morgan

Session replays available for 7 days!

DAY 3: Wednesday 16 February

10.00am NZST Cultivating Courage and Confidence with Tracey Hancock

11.30am NZST Create Your Next 30 Days of Content with Jodine McIntyre

1.00pm NZST Create Your Social Media Templates and Schedule Out Your Content with Emily Roach

Session replays available for 7 days!

DAY 4: Thursday 17 February

10.00am NZST Build A Homepage That Converts with Jason Tiller

11.30am NZST Looking After Your Mental Health As A Virtual Assistant with Dion Jensen

1.00pm NZST Manifestation: The 3 Key Elements To 10x Your Results with Alex Tripod

Session replays available for 7 days!

DAY 5: Friday 18 February

10.00am NZST  Write A Winning Welcome Sequence with Ease with Hayley Maxwell

11.30am NZST  How To Use Reels To Attract Dream Clients On Instagram with Monique Lombardo

1.00pm NZST Live Q&A - Become A Booked-Out In-Demand VA with Samantha Browne and Jo Jensen

Session replays available for 7 days!

Summit Ticket

$27 USD

  • Access to 16 sessions over 5 days
  • Replay access until 25 February

Book Your Ticket For THE Virtual Assistant Event Of The Year

Registrations are now open for the 2022 Virtual Assistant Online Summit.

Hear From Last Year's Summit Attendees...

Christine Laycock

Christine Laycock

Absolutely fantastic.

First-time attendee and the upgrade was worth it for the bonuses and to be able to re-watch the sessions at a later date.

The Q&A with Sam & Jo after one of the sessions on LinkedIn profiles was also very beneficial.

Tania DeJonge

Tania DeJonge

Love the summit, connections, communication, actions, fabulous guys.

Would recommend it to any office person virtual or not!


Sue Dickens

Sue Dickens

Frickin fantastic ladies!

You put together another amazing summit that had so much value not just for VAs but for anyone who identifies as working in the online space.

I can’t wait for 2022!!


Summit Ticket

$27 USD

  • Access to 16 sessions over 5 days
  • Replay access until 25 February

Book Your Ticket For THE Virtual Assistant Event Of The Year

Registrations are now open for the 2022 Virtual Assistant Online Summit.

Meet Your Summit Hosts

Samantha Browne

After accidentally tumbling headfirst into the world of virtual assistance in 2015, Sam grew her own VA business – My Girl Friday® – into a thriving, in-demand service.

Never one to shy away from a challenge (or three!), in 2019 Sam founded the Virtual Assistant Network of New Zealand that quickly became the go-to resource for NZ business owners to easily find their match made in VA heaven.

In 2020, Sam joined forces with Jo Jensen as co-owner in The VA Foundry and together they have taken the airwaves by storm with the go-to podcast for aspiring and established VAs – The Sam + Jo VA Show!

A creative thinking, rule breaker Sam loves empowering our community of Virtual Assistants to embrace their uniqueness to shape and scale successful businesses.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this folks, only YOUR way!

Samantha Browne
Jo Jensen

Jo Jensen

With a passion for empowering women on their virtual assistant business journeys, Jo founded The VA Foundry after growing her virtual assistant agency, Strictly Savvy® 

Having supported over 350 businesses, Jo knows a thing or two about bringing on clients and running a team. Her agency has over 25 team members and the business now runs without her. She has created a life that gives her the ultimate in freedom, control and flexibility. 

As a tech addict, Jo loves finding tools and apps that automate, streamline, and speed up productivity and give dynamic business owners like her an edge.

The mantra she lives by and teaches is 'consistently take imperfect action' and her favourite book is The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.

Learn, take action and network alongside hundreds of aspiring and established Virtual Assistants from around the globe!

Meet The 2022 Speaker Line Up

Shelley Davis

Shelly Davies

Speaker & Trainer,

Keynote: 2022 VA Online Summit Kick-Off! 

Shelly is a speaker, trainer and a revolutionary who's been raging against toxic professionalism since forever. Because the way we’ve always done it isn’t helping anyone.

Quite possibly the love-child of P!nk and Brené Brown, Shelly's kicking off Summit Week 2022 with a real, raw, and vulnerable keynote that cuts straight to the heart.

Shelly is – quite simply – remarkable. The perfect high-energy, enthralling speaker to help us get in the right mindset to become kick-ass virtual assistants and business owners.

Hold on to your hats, cos after hanging out with Shelly you'll soon be inspired, motivated and ready to take action! 

Session Time:  Monday 14th February at 9.15am NZST

Christine Sheehy

Christine Sheehy


Write Your Own Compelling Home Page Copy

Your home page is among the most valuable real estate on your website. Research shows that when a potential client lands on your site, you have just seconds to make an impact before they’ll click away.

In this session, copywriter and brand storyteller Christine Sheehy takes you step-by-step through the process of writing your own compelling home page copy.

You’ll learn how to set yourself apart, showcase your services and create a first impression that counts with your ideal clients.

Session Time: Monday 14th February at 10.00 am NZST

Natalie Coombe

Pricing Expert,

5 Steps To Creating Profitable Packages More Clients Can Afford

Creating packages is an incredibly powerful way of helping you move away from your hourly rate, so you can earn more money while working less hours.

However figuring out how to create them so they’re exactly what your clients need AND profitable for YOU to deliver is the hard part!

In this session, Natalie will walk you through 5 simple steps to creating profitable packages, more of your clients can actually afford!

Session Time: Monday 14th February at 11.30 am NZST

Luke Ahern

Luke Ahearn

E-Commerce Expert and Business Coach, CoPilots

12 Steps To Set Up And Optimise Your Google My Business Profile

We're all wanting to get more visible on Google. The problem is VAs aren't taking take full advantage of the Google My Business platform's impressive features. It's free prime real estate!

In this session, you'll learn not just how to set up your account, but also how to optimise your profile so your potential client can discover you in keyword searches, call you, visit your website, check out your services, book into your calendar, and more!

Session Time: Monday 14th February at 1.00pm NZST

Kate Nankiville

Kate Nankivell

LinkedIn Trainer, Force Of Nature

Overhaul Your LinkedIn Profile To Attract Your Dream Clients

Want to learn how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile that attracts your dream clients?

A well optimised LinkedIn profile is focused upon your ideal clients and shows how you solve their business problems.

It’s professional and it clearly articulates your point of difference in the market that you operate in.

That’s all about delivering visibility for your business and you on LinkedIn and helping you to attract your dream clients. 

Session Time: Tuesday 15th February at 10.00 am NZST

Natalie Tolhopf

Business Coach,

Create Your Sales Call Script And Follow Up Process

Sales really can be as easy as having a conversation, it starts with listening then asking questions, so you can offer the right solution, a solution that is chocca-block full of integrity.  

During this session, you'll get to see the sales call script that I use to sell with confidence and how I follow up.

Not only will you create your own script we'll have a lot of powerful fun with role-playing!

Session Time: Tuesday 15th February at 11.30 am NZST

Peti Morgan

DIY Brand Photoshoot Expert,

DIY Your Brand Headshot Like A Pro

Only successful, confident, photogenic business owners get pro brand photos done... right? Wrong! I’m here to bust that myth and show you that’s simply not true and how easy it is in 2022 to do your own.

To demonstrate this, in this session we’ll be doing a ‘pro selfie’ together - with and without tools. If you follow along, you’ll have a share-worthy, brand appropriate ‘pro selfie’ to share on your socials as soon as we’re done. New Instagram profile photo perhaps?

Session Time: Tuesday 15th February at 1.00 pm NZST

Tracey Hancock

Tracey Hancock

Planning & Mindset Coach,

Cultivating Courage & Confidence

Courage and confidence can’t be bought online and delivered to your door. And they won’t just show up one day and say “hi, I’m here and ready to go”. But it is 100% possible to develop courage and confidence, you just need to know how.

In this session, you’ll learn more about what courage and confidence are, what can hold you back and why, and practical strategies and tips to help you cultivate courage and confidence so you can be successful in all areas of your life and business.

Session Time: Wednesday 16th February at 10.00 am NZST

Jodine McIntyre

Social Media Trainer, Social Smarty

Create Your Next 30 Days Of Social Media Content

Join Jodine for this step-by-step session on how to plan your next 30 days of social media content without the overwhelm or that ‘what to post paralysis’!

She will walk you through her entire system to create and schedule engaging content that helps your target audience get to know, like and trust you. She will teach you her framework that allows you to batch create your content and also introduce you to her favourite time-saving tools.

Session Time: Wednesday 16th February at 11.30am NZST

Emily Roach

Business Coach, Biz BFF

Design Stunning Social Media Templates in Minutes

You don’t need a design degree (or even an artistic eye) to create incredible images for social media. And you definitely don’t need to spend hours fiddling with fonts, tweaking colors, or arranging clipart every single time you want to post online! During this interactive workshop, you’ll shave hours off your content creation time by designing your own on-brand social media templates in Canva.

What you'll learn:

  • How to design eye-catching images for social media in Canva
  • How to save images as templates to reuse over and over, saving loads of time
  • How to create a coordinated set of templates that has enough variety to keep your audience interested
  • How to schedule your social media content right in the Canva platform
  • Plus fun, time-saving tips and tricks to create better designs and get the most out of Canva!

Session Time: Wednesday 16th February at 1.00pm NZST

Jason Tiller

Head of Partnerships, Rocketspark

Build A Homepage That Converts

Your website homepage is often the first impression someone has of your business. Join Jason to get some awesome tips on how to make your homepage delight and convert potential clients.

You'll learn about the power of:

  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Typography
  • Hierarchy
  • Photography
  • Analytics

Session Time: Thursday 17th February at 10am NZST 

Melanie Morris

Dion Jensen

Founder, The Lion Academy

How To Deal With Mental Health Challenges As A VA

In this 45-minute session, Dion Jensen will share this ‘secret thread’ and how to protect, empower and honour that part of you, so that when the pressure comes on, you know how to deal with those challenges.

Dion knows what he is talking about…not only does he teach mental health solutions, he is also a VA’s ideal client!

Session Time: Thursday 17th February at 11.30 am NZST

Alex Tripod

Alex Tripod

Quantum Business & Manifestation Coach,

Manifestation: The 3 Key Elements To 10x Your Results

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The 3 key elements that will support you in manifesting your desire like a PRO!
  • Getting CLEAR on what your weakest link is
  • Key tools in each element so you walk away with very tangible tools on HOW TO bridge your gap!

Session Time: Thursday 17th February at 1.00 pm NZST

Hayley Maxwell

Brand Messaging Coach | Copywriter,

Write a Winning Welcome Sequence with Ease

Take the stress out of writing your welcome sequence and build meaningful relationships with new email subscribers from day one.

During this session you'll learn:

  • Why having a welcome sequence is so important.
  • How to use your welcome sequence to build trust and real connection.
  • A suggested format for your welcome sequence.

Session Time: Friday 18th February at 10.00am NZST

Melanie Spencer

Monique Lombardo

Creative Content Agency Owner, The Socialista

How To Use Reels To Attract Dream Clients On Instagram

You might have spent hours watching Instagram Reels, but what’s holding you back from creating them?

In this session, Monique will show you how to create a solid reel strategy to attract your dream clients and share her proven engagement method that will take your VA business to a whole new level!

Better yet, she’ll get you kickstarted with Reel ideas too!

Session Time: Friday 18th February at 11.30 am NZST

Samantha Browne + Jo Jensen

Virtual Assistant Coaches, The VA Foundry

Live Q&A - How To Become A Booked-Out, In-Demand VA

Ditch the doubt, let go of the stress and get laser focused!

No matter where you are on your VA journey (about to launch, just launched, launched ages ago), get ready to learn the best insights, ideas and strategies so that you too can turn your VA dreams into reality.

In this 60-minute Q&A session, you'll learn:

  • How to become a fully-booked, in-demand Virtual Assistant.
  • Sam + Jo's top tips to becoming booked out - fast.
  • Where, and how to find your ideal clients.
    What clients REALLY want when looking to outsource.
  • Strategies on not only finding clients ... but keeping them!

Bring along all of your questions and we'll delve deep into the struggles VAs need to overcome in 2022 to grow thriving, flexible and profitable businesses.

Session Time: Friday 18th February at 1.00 pm NZST

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$27 USD

  • Access to 16 sessions over 5 days
  • Replay access until 25 February

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Hear From Last Year's Summit Attendees...

Kylie Weastell

Jane Burke

It was great to be there 'live'.

Being able to interact with the other VAs who were present took the already great sessions to another level.

Overall, it was a fantastic summit.

Tracy Michelle

Treena Pitham

Just wanted to say Sam and Jo a whopping big thank you for the Summit today!! Great content, great advice and sooo many takeaways.

You guys are amazing and the content in this summit is just fabulous, thank you so much.

Elizabeth Harvey

Debbie Bradford

The VA Summit was very timely and motivating.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate, gain confidence and learn new trends and tips on running a successful business.